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'BGA' RAMsinks


Custom cooling for all 'BGA' style RAM chips

13mm length x 15mm width x 9.5mm height


rev 1.0

'Rev4' RAMsinks


Custom cooling for all 'TSOP' style RAM chips

22mm length x 15mm width x 9.5mm height


rev 4.0



Not sure which style RAMsink you need for your application? Go here.




  • Dimension width's are from fin tip to fin tip, and are wider than the mounting base.
  • All Tweakmonster RAMsinks are manufactured from a copper alloy and then plated with an almost blinding chrome finish for amazing durability and visual appeal.
  • The mounting surface is flat and ready to install with no lapping required.
  • The 'BGA' RAMsinks have been specially designed to cover BGA RAM chips found on most newer video cards, such as the GeForce4 Ti's, GeForce FX's and Radeon 9500+ series.
  • The 'Rev4" RAMsinks have been specially designed to cover all 'Standard sized' (or TSOP) chips found on all cards that do NOT use BGA RAM.
  • Tweakmonster RAMsinks also work superbly for cooling motherboard components, such as mosfets and clock generators, for better all-around system stability and even higher clock speeds.
  • They are not oversized thus taking up any more room than is necessary. They are also not too small thus hindering cooling capability.
  • All Tweakmonster RAMsinks have a hard, chrome-like finish process added which not only stops oxidation from occurring, but also enhances their beauty and durability.


These are a one-of-a-kind, custom made product that will add both performance AND beauty to your system. Don't settle for anything less than the best! However, don't take our word for it...read the reviews!


Note: For video card installations where a heatpipe unit is being used, there is NOT enough clearance on the front side of the card for these RAMsinks to fit underneath. To work around this problem, we highly recommend using Tweakmonster RAMcoolers on the front side of the card, as they WILL easily fit underneath the heatpipe unit. They will also match the Tweakmonster RAMsinks perfectly, as they both are shiny chrome plated, and will provide more than adequate cooling.


We have received numerous inquiries as to whether or not Tweakmonster RAMsinks will work with the popular Arctic Cooling VGA Silencer:



The Rev.3 Arctic Cooling unit has been tested and works PERFECTLY with Tweakmonster RAMsinks! See the full article here.


RAMsink installation requires either non-conductive thermal adhesive or thermal interface pads, sold separately. Also, be sure to consult the installation guide for proper procedures.


New packaging


All Tweakmonster RAMsinks come blister packed which helps to keep them in perfect condition during shipping, and to ensure you get the real deal and not some cheap imitation. Not sure if yours are the genuine article? Contact Us and we would be happy to verify it for you.


BGA's mounted on Nvidia GeForce4 Ti4600:
BGA's mounted on ATI Radeon 9700 PRO:
Rev4's mounted on a Geforce4 Ti4200:


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